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About us

Our passion and inspiration

Everything started with the love for the little racers in 1995. Homemade frames served as a basis for your own hobby. The required accessories were procured from various karting suppliers or made by hand. With the own interest in the technology and the question "who delivers what", the demand for spare parts or our service quickly followed.
1996 The company was founded.
1998 Start of the shipment of spare parts and accessories as well as the extension of our assortment. Initially, self-created spare parts lists served as the basis for our customers.
1999 The first real catalog in larger edition and with pictures. In the course of the following years we received different representations for the constantly growing assortment. As a reliable contact, we laid the foundation for a profound cooperation with various manufacturers. The influx of direct information and background knowledge has also increased the service potential to our customers.
2003 First customer of the Rotax brand in Germany. There are 8 more titles in the current years until the end of our Rotax engagement 2017.
2004 Start of sales of Swiss Hutless chassis as direct importer.
2007 Change to the noble brand CRG. 2008 entry into the racing series of the RMC with a team of KV Oppenrods.
2009 First receipt of a trophy for the distribution of CRG products. After Canada and France, we ranked third in the global ranking. In 2010 and 2012 we were able to repeat this success.
2010 Move to our new rooms. A total of 600mē, spread over 2 locations, provide enough space to carry out all the work.
2011 The so far last issue of our print catalog. Our ordering system has been completely converted to the online platform.
2012 Expansion of our racing activity in the Rotax European Championship.
2013 Conversion to a modern shipping and logistics system to increase capacity, service and delivery.
2016 For the 4th time in a row, we reached the title in the German RMC DD-2 class World and placed the participant in the World Final.
2017 Another milestone: Direct importer and representative of the IAME brand for the German / Austrian region.
In total, around 7,000 articles from about 70 suppliers are part of our assortment today. We have around 5,000 items in stock at all times and can provide technical information on their condition and purpose. Almost all suppliers have a long-term partnership with a lot of mutual trust. A situation that benefits all our customers on a daily basis and allows us a sustainable way of working combined with a high level of service.

Competence and first class service

Our trade or service is the facade of an elaborate work in the background. Collecting and evaluating new information, experiences and test results on a daily basis, communicating with manufacturers or testing new products are standard. Internal exchange is just as essential as permanent work on the track or on the test bench. Karting is NOT an industry where individual parts or assemblies are manufactured according to strict guidelines. Karting is motorsport, which is about being the faster on the track and components that need technical insider knowledge. Whether you are a hobby racer or a professional, the expertise is essential if you want to enjoy your hobby and want it to be successful. Especially in the age where cheap goods are ubiquitous, karting is not spared by such products. Technically wrong and mostly of poor quality. Without knowing the technical background and the mode of operation, trading in these products can never be effective. Competence and experience are in the end the key points that matter and what we attach great importance to.