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Precision for your success

Chassis Setup

The most important basis for good performance on track is a properly tuned and optimally functioning chassis. The current models are delicate designs that react seriously to minor inconsistencies. A clean structure and the right basic setting are prerequisites for a high performance. The current development of the tires makes the work on the chassis and the demands on the frame increasingly difficult. The temperature window of the tires is getting narrower. Chassis overstressing the tires result in fast-decaying performance and make consistently fast driving impossible. Only a perfectly balanced chassis allow a constant fast driving.

Chassis repair and control

Controlling or repairing chassis are nowadays part of the daily work of every specialist workshop. A light impact with an opponent is often enough to bend a chassis. Thanks to high-quality tools and sophisticated techniques, many chassis can be repaired quickly. In our workshop, we have a variety of special tools, measuring devices and factory specifications to repair the various chassis without affecting their performance.

Your engine repair - carried out by the specialist

Repair and maintenance

Our team consists of dedicated and trained staff as well as various tuners from different fields of motorsport. Particularly in racing, the direct access to the engine works and the know-how of the employees is indispensable, if quality, service life and performance are top priority in engine service. In a workshop specially equipped for kart motors, all necessary machines, devices and various equipment for optimizing the motors are available. Cleanliness and discretion are self-evident.

Spare parts service and storage

For all motors belonging to our assortment we have 95% of the parts in stock and ready to hand. Your repair can be carried out quickly and reliably and your engine will be available to you within a few days. Invariably use of original spare parts and high quality branded products.

Documentation and cause research

A technical documentation, which is in case of damage linked with a cause research, belong to the standard of each revision. In addition to the detention of old damage or irregularities an individual cause research is inevitable, especially in a case of damage.
The datasheet created by us is supplied with the motor and gives you information about important technical details or setting data.

Optimization and tuning

Optimizing engines or tuning them successfully is not an easy task for engines, which was designed and developed for racing anyway. You have to find the 0.10 seconds to get an advantage over the competition. In the end, not only the maximum performance of an engine counts, but also its drivability, reliability, a performance profile tailored to the track and of course the regulations that must be adhered to. Often it is synonymous with the search for the pin in a haystack, if the optimal component must be found from a series production. A lot of patience, big disappointments or even days of work that ends in vain, are unfortunately part of the daily routine here. In the end, only the result, the success and, of course, the satisfaction of our customers counts.

Care by the professional

You want to be looked after professionally in a racing series?

... then contact us. In cooperation with several teams, we offer on-site support for various racing series tailored to your wishes and requirements.
Whether national or international events: an extensive network of teams combined with the close cooperation of the CRG factory team opens up many opportunities for us to serve our customers in the best possible way.