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Quick Shifter KS-1

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Quick Shifter KS-1
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The SHIFTER KS-1 is a mecatronic system decreasing the gear shifting time of karts provided with a sequential gearbox. This has been specially d eveloped to meet the specific demands in karting.
The system allows a gear shifting time of 25 - 50 milliseconds without having to release the accelerator pedal. This results in a clear lap times improvement. The physical and mental stresses of constant press and releases of the accelerator pedal in a lap would be extremely limited and permit to enjoy the driving session and focus on the ideal trajectory.
All attention has been paid to the choice of materials and manufacturing processes used in order to ensure robustness and operation under sever conditions. The system, truly "plug and play", can be easily and quickly installed on the kart and enables to use the original gear lever.
- Body made of anodized machined 2017 billet aluminum
- Drive shaft made of 304 stainless steel
- Electronics box made of ABS
- Powered by rechargeable Li -Po 3,7 V battery
- Waterproof Connectors
- IP54 protection class
- Setting of the actuating force
- Setting of the cut-off time
- Kit composed of: shifter, electronics box , battery charger , earth cable , fasteners
- Weight of complete system : ~ 450g
- Autonomy: minimum 5 hours of uninterrupted operation


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